1. Click the pizza
  2. Sell your pizzas
  3. Buy resources with your money
  4. Use your resources to create pizza makers
  5. Check out the upgrades
  6. Solve the mystery
  7. Build your empire
  8. Become a fookin' legend!

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Basic Resources

Pizza Delivery Game - Giant Pizza

Pizza: 0

Per Second: 0

Auto Clicker: 0/s

Money: $0


A slave is used to run pizza makers and can be used as a pizza delivery driver.

A cleaner is used to clean up all the mess the slaves make.

A manager makes sure all the slaves and cleaners are working.

An operator makes sure all the slaves are building the machines correctly.

A scientist figures out the complicated stuff.

An astronaut helps with all the space things.

You need a cart to run a pizza cart duh.

Can't run a pizza van without a van.

Try opening a parlour with no parlour.

It helps to have a restaurant when running a pizza restaurant.

Not an actual palace, it's a clever name for a fast food place. God.

How can you make a pizza factory without a factory?

Guys lets make a pizza converter.

Scrap metal is used for machines and above.

Shall we build a pizza weather machine?

You'll need one of these for a pizza super drill

You can't get to the moon without an elevator.

Why the hell do you need a moon base for pizzas?



Who even has time for clicking? Urgh.

An autoclicker that clicks 5 times a second

You're lucky I'm a generous God.

Unlock +10, +100, and +1000 Buttons for a few resources.

Please Sir, may I have some more?

Unlock +10, +100, and +1000 Buttons for a few more resources.

$100,000,000 to click a button 5 times. Worth.

Unlock +10, +100, and +1000 Buttons for that last stupid resource you need.

Hey Hey Hey ;)

Your pizza per second is doubled, including your click.

Wait, what?

Your pizza per second is doubled again, including your click again.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking...

Your pizza per second is doubled again again, including your click again again.

Dear Diary... Jackpot.

Your pizza per second is doubled again again again, including your click again again again.

What a nice and simple pizza.

Pizza can now be sold for $2.

Adding some chicken, I like it.

Pizza can now be sold for $3

I take it you're not a vegetarian?

Pizza can now be sold for $4

Going for the mighty meat feast then.

Pizza can now be sold for $5


Save the game at this exact moment

Load the game to your latest save

Start from the total beginning


Version: 2.1 - 14/09/2014



What do I do?

Click the pizza, then sell your pizzas for money. Use your money to buy resources. Resources are used to create Pizza Makers. Pizza Makers generate a set amount of pizza a second. Get more pizza and repeat.

Can I buy upgrades more than once?

Don't test me.

What does the Space Travel section do?

Buy them all and find out ;)

Why do you use ads?

The ads you can see generate money to cover the hosting costs.

It wont let me buy x, help?

Remember to click sell all pizzas dummy.


Slaves put to Work: 0

Cleaners put to Work: 0

Managers put to Work: 0

Operators put to Work: 0

Scientists put to Work: 0

Astronauts put to Work: 0

Carts in Use: 0

Vans in Use: 0

Parlours in Use: 0

Restaurants in Use: 0

Palaces in Use: 0

Factories in Use: 0

Converters in Use: 0

Weather Machines in Use: 0

Scrap Metal Used: 0

Super Drills in use: 0

Moon Bases in Use: 0

Space Elevators in use: 0